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We can help you in Clinical research. If you need any of our device for your research, please contact us with details of your project.
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Welcome to Genesis Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. 
Genesis is a biomedical device company engaged in design, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art non-invasive medical electronic instruments. Its primary focus is on new technologies to develop accurate yet simple diagnostic devices. 

Genesis has developed biomedical devices catering to various medical specialties like neurology, psychology, cardiology, diabetology, pharmacology etc. All these products are unique in their conceptualization, design and development. They offer the Medicare industry best possible solutions in terms of quality and affordability. All these devices are backed by continuous clinical research and upgrade.
In today's environment where the life-style related diseases like CVD and diabetes are gaining epidemic proportions, the morbidity and mortality due to these diseases is causing huge losses  to quality of life and the world economy. Genesis has focused on the primary diagnosis and care so that these dreaded diseases are controlled effectively in their initial stage. In the recent future, some more products relating to secondary and tertiary care also will be unveiled.

In its constant endeavor to improve itself, Genesis is growing rapidly to become one of world's best biomedical manufacturer in terms of quality and number of products, market penetration, customer service and satisfaction.

Welcome to Genesis web site. It will give you a clear idea about the Genesis products and facilitate you to associate with us as a customer or a business partner.
Corporate Mission  News
Genesis has come a long way since 1997, when it introduced India’s first PC based Spirometer-SpiroWiz, which was a PC DOS* based system. Since then it concentrated on developing PC/Windows* based technology and released its first Windows* based pulmonary function testing system- SpiroWin & later more products for various disciplines.
Genesis will be adding a few intensive care medical equipments to its portfolio.
Genesis has introduced special offers for its patrons. For more details, please send enquiry.
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