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Features at a Glance

  • Versatile tool for atherosclerosis diagnosis & prognosis
  • Normalized PPG waveforms for all limbs
  • Automatic & precise calculation for ABI & ASI
  • Automatic Blood Pressure measurement
  • Works with windows* 7 / 8 / 10 operating system
  • Easy to operate software

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For PatientsFor Healthcare Professionals

AtheroWin is state-of-the-art PC Windows* based Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) and Arterial Stiffness Index (ASI) measuring System with interpretation.

The system uses automatic limb NiBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) measurement to calculate Right and Left ABI values.  It also incorporates PPG (Photoplethysmogram) for Blood-volume waveforms of all four limbs; viz. Right & Left Index finger, Right & Left toes. Both BP and PPG are recorded sequentially using the protocol similar to conventional ABI.

The system also calculates Stiffness Index, an early marker to analyze the arterial stiffness that plays a very important role in prediction of Atherosclerosis.

Windows* based AtheroWin software & USB port communication with AtheroWin instrument turns any PC into a full-fledged  ABI & ASI Analysis system, with online real time graphs on screen.  It gives a multicolor / B&W one-page report on A4 size paper. In-built patient database with more than 1000 patients memory helps to keep track of patient history. All at your mouse clicks in a very user-friendly AtheroWin software.

Screenshots and Print Reports


Blood Pressure
Method: Oscilometric
Pressure Detection: Semiconductor sensor
Pressure Display Range: 40 – 240 mm Hg
Heart Rate Range: 30 – 240 bpm

Continuous PPG Waveform
Sensing method: Direct contact, Photoelectric sensor

MSAcess Easy Recall of any previous test

Data Acquisition
Channels: Blood Pressure, PPG
Sampling rate: 200 samples/sec
Resolution: 12 bit
Data storage: Raw data on HDD
Interface: USB

Physical Characteristics
Instrument Dimensions: 400 mm x 360 mm x 105 mm
Approximate Instrument Weight: 5.5 kgs

Power   Requirements
Voltage 230 VAC ± 10%
Frequency 50 Hz, Power Consumption 1.0 A maximum

Minimum PC Requirements
OS          : Windows* 7 / 8 / 10
CPU       : Celeron* 1.8 GHZ / i3 / i5 or better processor
HDD       : 500GB
RAM      : 2GB
Printer  : Any Windows* Compatible Inkjet / Laser Jet Printer


Operating and storage Temp. 15oC to 45oC
Ambient Relative Humidity 15% to 90%, non- condensing
Operating and storage Pressure/Altitude 523 mm Hg to 760 mm Hg


Systolic BP for each limb
Diastolic BP for each limb
Pulse pressure for each limb
Left & Right Ankle brachial Index
Arterial stiffness index for each limb
Est. Carotid Femoral PWV

Right Index Finger PPG
Left Index Finger PPG
Right Foot Toe PPG
Left Foot Toe PPG

Arterial Stiffness

Standard Accessories:
PPG Cable with Sensor – 1No.
BP Cuff with hose – 1 No.
Hardware Unit – 1No.
USB Cable – 1No.
Power Cord – 1No.
Software CD- 1No.

$ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice
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