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Features at a Glance

  • Peripheral vascular - ABI
  • Neuropathy - VPT
  • Plantar Foot pressure - Imprinter
  • Foot Temprature - Infrared Thermometer
  • Monofilament


More Information...

Diabetic Foot Profiler is a PC windows based comprehensive device for testing & measuring – ABI, VPT, Plantar pressure, Foot temperature & Monofilament. All these tests can be conducted sequentially or individually.

Peripheral Vascular test: Oscillometric determination of ABI provides fast and accurate measure of ABI in patients. The device uses automatic sequential NiBP (Non invasive blood pressure) measurement of all four limbs. Automatically calculates Ankle Brachial Index of both left and right limbs, displays mean arterial pressure, Pulse pressure, Waveforms and Oscillometric envelopes of all limbs.

Peripheral Neuropathy test: The Vibratory perception threshold at various sites on plantar foot quantifies the loss of sensation. Increased VPT readings mean diminished sensation and increasing risk. Being DC based the device gives very precise readings regardless of line and frequency fluctuations.

Plantar Pressure test: Measurement of the plantar pressure, i.e. the distribution of force over the sole of the foot, is useful as it provides detailed information specific to each region of contact.The device uses Harris mat imprinter for the scan.

Foot Temperature test: As inflammation is a precipitating sign of ulceration, clinicians have sought techniques to identify inflammation using one of its most common symptoms, increased temperature. The device uses hand held Infrared Thermometer with 0.2º F resolution for precise readings.

Monofilament test: High accuracy 10 gm 5.01 monofilament yarn.

Screenshots and Print Reports

Minimum PC Requirements
OS : Windows* 7 / 8 / 10
CPU : Celeron* 1.8 GHZ / i3 / i5 or better processor
HDD : 500GB
Printer : Any Windows* Compatible Inkjet / Laser Jet Printer

Power Requirement and other details
Voltage 230v AC ± 10%,
Frequency 50 Hz, Power consumption 20VA max
ENVIRONMENT REQUIREMENTS   Operating and storage Temp. 15OC to 45OC
Ambient Relative Humidity 15% to 90%, non- condensing
Operating and storage Pressure/Altitude 523 mm Hg to 760 mm Hg

$ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice
*  All regd. trademarks are acknowledged to their respective owners

Diabetic Foot Profiler Procedure & Test Video