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Features at a Glance

  • Forced Vital Capacity
  • Slow Vital Capacity
  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation

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For PatientsFor Healthcare Professionals

SpiroWin is a Windows based Spirometer, computes 22 parameters, with Online Real time Expiration and Inspiration graphs on screen for all tests. Printouts include F/V, V/t, SVC, and MVV graphs. Extensive patient database helps you keep track of patient  history and other exhaustive information. Multicolored test report on A4 size paper on any color printer. Capable of more than 1000 patients memory.  All at your mouse clicks in a very user-friendly SpiroWin software.

SpiroWin has a unique feature to motivate patients to give their best exhalation. When you input the relevant patient data, the screen changes to FVC test, Instead of predicted values being displayed, A Water tank is seen.  All you have to do is ask the patient to exhale such that the tank is completely filled with water, in the process of doing this you get the maximum performance out of the patient.


  • Forced Vital Capacity
  • Slow Vital Capacity
  • Maximum Voluntary ventilation
  • Pre, Post Medication
  • Bi-Directional Digital turbine
  • Onscreen display of predicted Challenge
  • Automatic & Manual Selection of Best Test
  • With BTPS Correction

Screenshots and Print Reports


Sensor: Flow Sensor Bi-directional Digital Turbine
Flow Range: ± 16 Lts./sec. BTPS
Accuracy: ± 3%
Volume Range: Up to 8 Lts. BTPS

FVC, FEV0.5, FEV1, PEF, PIF, FEV1/FVC%, FEF 25%-75%, Vmax 25%, Vmax 50%, Vmax 75%, FET 100%, SVC, IRV, ERV, VE, Rf, tE, tl, VT, VT/tl, tl/t. tot, MVV.

MSAcess Easy Recall of any previous test

Data Acquisition
Data storage: Raw data on HDD
Interface: USB

Physical Characteristics
Instrument Dimensions: 130 mm x 70 mm x 25 mm
Approximate Instrument Weight: 0.25kg

Minimum PC Requirements
OS : Windows* 7 / 8 / 10
CPU : Celeron* 1.8 GHZ / i3 / i5 or better processor
Printer : Any Windows* Compatible Inkjet / Laser Jet Printer


Operating and storage Temp. 15oC to 45oC
Ambient Relative Humidity 15% to 90%, non- condensing
Operating and storage Pressure/Altitude 523 mm Hg to 760 mm Hg

$ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

*  All regd. trademarks are acknowledged to their respective owners