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Features at a Glance

  • Easy to operate & accurate tool to diagnose peripheral  neuropathy
  • Digital voltage read out
  • DC to AC Conversion highly accurate and stable vibrations
  • Test or Review mode operation
  • Can be used without PC as a stand-alone unit
  • Works with windows* 7 / 8 / 10 operating system

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For PatientsFor Healthcare Professionals

ThesioWin is state-of-the-art easy to operate Digital Vibratory Perception Threshold (VPT) Analysis System.  It can be used both in standalone and PC based mode.

Loss of sensation due to neuropathy is the major cause of painless injuries to the feet. Such injuries result into chronic ulcerations and further complications leading to amputation’s.

For prevention and reversal of peripheral neuropathy, ThesioWin provides accurate readings on sensation loss, facilitating the physician for timely intervention.

The vibratory perception threshold at various sites on plantar foot quantifies the loss of sensation. Increase in VPT means diminished sensation and increasing risk. ThesioWin when used in PC based mode, a tabular trend of VPT is available. ThesioWin being digital, gives very accurate readings. It has an intuitive Reading site locator. It also has a 12 readings memory.

Windows* based ThesioWin software & USB port communication with the handy ThesioWin instrument turns any PC into a full-fledged VPT Analysis system, with online real time graphs on screen.  It gives a multicolor / B&W one-page report on A4 size paper. In-built patient database with more than 1000 patients memory helps to keep track of patient history. All at your mouse clicks in a very user-friendly ThesioWin software.

Screenshots and Print Reports


Generation: DC to AC conversion.
Method: 100 Hz vibrations using pure sinusoidal waveform
Voltage Display Range: 0 – 50V

Test Method
Sequential switch of Indicator LEDs for each foot
User prompted readings an all locations sequentially

Data Acquisition
Instrument: Digital storage of 12 readings
PC Data Storage: Digital storage on HDD
Interface: USB

Standard Accessories
Vibrator- 1No.
Hardware unit-1No.
Power Cord- 1No.
Software CD-1No.

Physical Characteristics
Instrument Dimensions: 290 mm x 200 mm x 110 mm
Approximate Instrument Weight: 3.8kg

Power Requirements
Voltage 230 VAC ± 10%
Frequency 50 Hz, Power Consumption 1.0 A maximum

Minimum PC Requirements
OS : Windows* 7 / 8 / 10
CPU : Celeron* 1.8 GHZ / i3 / i5 or better processor
HDD : 500GB
Printer : Any Windows* Compatible Inkjet / Laser Jet Printer


Operating and storage Temp. 15oC to 45oC
Ambient Relative Humidity 15% to 90%, non- condensing
Operating and storage Pressure/Altitude 523 mm Hg to 760 mm Hg

Standalone: volts
PC Based: volts & microns

Right Foot:
First metatarsal head
Third metatarsal head
Fifth metatarsal head

Left Foot:
First metatarsal head
Third metatarsal head
Fifth metatarsal head

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